Hacienda Hosteria Chorlavi - Ibarra, 100150, Ecuador
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Enjoy the Charm and Magic


Hacienda Hosteria Chorlavi

Legend has it that more than five centuries ago these lands were witness to where the Great Inca Huaynacapac met and fell in love with Pacha, the princess of the Caranquis tribe. For the Caranquis, Chorlavi meant “the nest of love,”
In the year 1620, Chorlavi was the first property bought by the Jesuits in the region. For many years, Chorlavi comprised an extensive territory, reaching both the Imbabura and Pichincha provinces. It came to be known as the Jesuits’ Monastery or Troje, a lordly mansion of countrymen, designed and decorated in the purest European style, yet built by skilled natives who brought the adobe, roofing tiles, and wood work from the majestic tradition of the Caranqui-Inca era.

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