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Hacienda Chorlavi Tours 

History on Rails - The Freedom Train

  • Tren Español

The Freedom Train invites you to a land of artisans, lakes and legends. Tourists can enjoy the natural landscape that adorns the the track as the train crosses a series of bridges and passes trhough tunnels build with pick and shovel, converting  the railway into a giant mole in the middle of the mountain. In Salinas the local Afro-Ecuadorian community will delight visitors with their culture, music and dance.

Adult Price: US $ 65  Children Price: US $ 45 See details

Lagoons Tour 

  • Lagunas Español

Known as the province of Los Lagos, Imbabura contains a myriad of lakes and lagoons that have converted it into the Blue Province. Sorrounded by gentle nature and the realism of their culture. The providence´s lakes are like mirrors in a  land of full of nature and living cultures that are the true witnesses of an indomitable Imbabura.

Adult Price: US $ 65 / Price Children: US $ 45 View Details

Shooping Tour 

  • Compras Español foto

The skilled hands of the inhabitants of these lands have forged over time a body of work recognized nationally and internationally, in a space where creativity has no limits.

Adult Price: US $ 65 / Price Children: US $ 45 View Details

Natural Hot Springs  - Tour Chachimbiro

  • Chachimbiro Español

As a beloved gift of nature, the Chachimbiro area in the canton of Urcucquí emanates thermal hot spring water from the depths of the mountains. As the water is known for its healing, both national and foreing tourist frequently visit the hot spring. Take pleasure in connecting with yourself and becomig one woth the virtues that nature gives us in this ideal place to rest know as Urcuquí.

Adult Price: US $ 65 / Price Children: US $ 45View Details

Tour of the Voladero Lagoons 

  • Voladero Español

These laggons originated after the formation of glaciers during the Pleistocene era, which lasted for about 2588 million to 11700 years ago. The landscape that can be observe is that of the paramo with its flats and small undulations. There are small gorges that feed into the lagoons. In this environment there is a large diversity of flora and fauna, the most representative being is frailejón plant, a species that abounds throughout the region.

Adult Price: US $ 90 / Price Children: US $ 65 View Details 

A Thousand Colors - Embroidery Tour

  • Bordados Español

In this unique tour you can learn about our artisans ability that show their creativity using different materials.

Adult Price: US $ 65 / Price Children: US $ 45 View Details

Horseback Riding Tour

  • cabalgatas Español

Traveling by horseback along the beautiful landscapes of Imbabura is a privilege for boths, local and of visitors alike. Discover the providence´s hidden treasures along with the charm of its thousand faces and spectacular scenery. 

Adult Price: US $ 65 / Price Children: US $ 45 View Details

Wheels and Wheels - Mountain Bike Tour

  • Ciclismo Español

Cicle along the old, narrow roads of Imbabura, where peace is mixed with the gentle breeze in your face. Discover a world full of color, where at every step you will discover the charm of the local, enterprising culture along thousand of landscape painted over time and preserved by the love for life. Sense the pure pleasure of adventure on this tour. 

Adult Price: US $ 65 / Price Children: US $ 45 View Details

Condor Park Tour 

  • Condor Español

Located in Curi Loma, under the eternal vigilance of Imbabura volcano and with a beautiful panoramic view of Lake San Pablo, the Rescue Center Parque del Condor is a place where you can discover dozens of species of birds and enjoy the display of flying birds raptors.

Adult Price: US $ 65 / Price Children: US $ 45 View Details