Human Resources Management Policy

Hacienda Chorlavi is a family in which there is an open door policy. Being a relatively small company, we do not have a Human Resources department, but the Management carries out the hiring, training, incentives, dismissals, promotions, etc. Hacienda Chorlavi cares about the physical and mental well-being of its workers, clients and suppliers. Annually, we make alliances with different companies to perform visual and auditory checks on our collaborators. We have implemented procedures for the hiring of new collaborators, in which they are given a full talk about their mission, vision, objectives and policies, and they are given a folder called the induction kit for the parameters to follow.

At Hacienda Chorlavi we believe that it is a great motivation to be able to climb the salary scale and access new job positions and responsibilities. Therefore, our main candidates when there is a vacancy are internal collaborators of the Treasury. Each area has a procedure manual with a brief description of each position. Personnel training is carried out periodically not only in technical areas but also for motivation, self-knowledge, openness to change, leadership, etc. We have an annual schedule for the training of our staff.

Continuously assessing our collaborators is also a great tool to improve work and quality of service. At Hacienda Chorlavi, we have implemented an annual evaluation plan for each of the collaborators. This evaluation is carried out by the supervisor of each area and under the approval of management. Hacienda Chorlavi does not approve any type of sexual or commercial exploitation of children and adolescents. Together with the Ministry of Tourism we campaign to take care of children and adolescents.

It aims to promote responsible behavior of employees, tourists, suppliers and the company. We promote the typical customs of our people, offering music and native choreography of the province. This helps maintain our identity and culture. It also offers the indigenous people of the area a space at no cost to sell their products on weekends to tourists who visit us.

We also encourage good habits and codes of conduct with our employees, customers, suppliers and communities. We promote respect for the customs, traditions and culture of our peoples and communities. We have a commitment to protect our historical, cultural and natural heritage.