Social Policy

Part of our internal policies are to provide welfare and help to all our employees and the community. Chorlavi has always been characterized as the pioneer in helping the community.

We have rules and regulations that everyone at Hacienda Chorlavi must follow and these are:

  • All our collaborators must be affiliated to the IESS.

  • All our collaborators must sign at the time of arrival and departure to have a control of working hours.

  • All collaborators must open an account in the bank to receive their salaries and contributions directly in it and thus minimize the risks of robberies and robberies inside and outside the Treasury.

  • All employees are distributed 10% of service.

  • All employees are tipped if they exist.

Hacienda Chorlavi does not discriminate socially, sexually or racially against our workers, clients or suppliers. We also respect the religious and political convictions of our workers, clients and suppliers.

Hacienda Chorlavi also helps the community through some social assistance programs:

  • Donation to the SOS Villages of Imbabura $ 1.00 for each room sold with rack rate per night of lodging. In addition they are donated all the money raised by the sale of recyclable plastic bottles. We also offer a free event that includes the use of the lounge and coffee breaks for use by SOS Villages. As well as donations of sheets, towels, blankets, pillows, curtains, toilets, toilets, etc, that are in good condition.

  • We also support different educational centers, orferinatos, convents and churches with all materials, products and household that is discharged.