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Near Attracions

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It is called "Intercultural Capital of Ecuador"; for its cultural and historical wealth, and for being the place of origin of the Quichua people of the Otavalos, famous for their textile and commercial skills, characteristics that have given rise to the largest indigenous artisan market in South America called "The Plaza de Ponchos".

Located 20 minutes from the Hacienda.

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San Antonio

Settled on the slopes of the Taita Imbabura stood the
indigenous town of Huataviro that was part of the Caranques.
The town is famous for its crafts and wooden sculptures.


Located 5 minutes from the Hacienda.


The city of Cotacachi on the slopes of the volcano of the same
name, is located in the northern part of the country. Its inhabitants are engaged in the leather industry. Cotacachi meaning in Quichua is "Salt powder"; 15 minutes from the city is the Cuicocha lagoon that is inside a volcanic crater, at the Cotacachi volcano.


Located 25 minutes from the Hacienda.

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Parque del Condor.jpg

Parque del Cóndor y Lago San Pablo

Parque Cóndor is a raptor birds care and rescue center that is located in Curiloma with an extension of 12 hectares at 2817 meters. With an impressive view of Lake San Pablo.

Located 30 minutes from the Hacienda.

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Yahuarcocha lake and Racing Track José Tobar Tobar


In 1486, the Caranquis began a terrible and bloody battle that culminated in the triumph of Inca Huayna-Cápac. The lagoon then appeared to the sight of the Indians like a sea of ​​blood, and terrified they called it Yaguar-Cocha, name with which it is known until now.
The natural beauty of its landscape and the organization of international automobile competitions on its racetrack are a great tourist attraction.

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