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More than 50 years
of tradition
and magic

As a result of the Jesuit expulsion, it was acquired by the Tobar family, with an extension of more than 300 hectares. 6 generations of the family have passed, being in the third with José Tobar, that the hacienda was transformed into a hotel in 1971.

Among the haciendas, without a doubt Chorlavi is quite a tradition in the north of the country, due to the beauty of the place, for the nostalgic attraction of its old house-hacienda with large halls, rooms and central services, huge barns turned into auditoriums and meeting rooms. conferences, farmhouses converted into guest rooms, gardens and orchards sheltered by ancient trees that provide visitors with the magical aroma of the past.

Hacienda-Hostería Chorlavi is definitely the best hotel in Ibarra, with the largest number of top quality services and facilities.

Legend has it that in these lands more than five centuries ago the great Inca Huaynacapac met and fell in love with the princess Caranqui Pacha. In the Caranqui language, Chorlavi means “Love Nest”. Chorlavi was the first property bought by the Jesuits in the region, in 1620. Later it was acquired by the Tobar Family.

In 1971 the property was transformed into a hotel. We now have 52 rooms, large gardens with hundred-year-old trees, large rooms for corporate or social events, Restaurant, Spa & Pool, Gym, Barbecue Area, Children's Area, Mini Golf, and many other services and spaces that will delight the visitor with the scent of the past

The magic recipe behind the charm

The hotel industry is and will always be a very sacrificed and quite complex profession, the schedules, long hours of work on special dates and weekends, meeting the expectations of each person who visits us, with different tastes and illusions,  solve problems, which are never lacking and hundreds of problems that are part of a business.  But no other profession can provide so much satisfaction, since experiences are created in the hotel industry, which become memories that our visitors take with them. 

Since we were little we grew up in this business, we saw our grandparents Pepe and Pia work with love and dedication to move this family business forward, continued our mother Maria Eugenia, Maru,  managing to make various adaptations and improvements to the business, with his singular enthusiasm and generosity with all who visited us.   
Our work team, our dear staff, with whom we have grown and learned, give their best every day, since the desire to serve is in their blood, so we have walked during these long years, with this unique job that requires a warm and personalized service. 
It is more than 50 years, we are the third generation in charge of our beloved Hacienda Chorlavi, we have met hundreds of wonderful people, each one with a memory of their first visit to Chorlavi, honeymoon, end of the year trip, business meeting, family outing... listening to these memories is the magic recipe that keeps us full of passion to continue improving  a business, which has its ups and downs, but in which peace is breathed, where charm and magic is still present, present in this  Love Nest called Chorlavi.

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